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Bay Bee

Bay Bee is a 4.1 m Polycraft with a 30hp Mercury two Stroke engine with plenty of power. She has open decks and is designed to be incredibly stable, the Tiller Steer arrangement makes sure the decks remain open and clear for Crabbing or fishing. Bay Bee is perfect for crabbing out at Monkey Mia, watching turtles and Dolphins off Cape Rose and exploring Big lagoon.

Bay Bee has a 2nm restriction placed on her by the regulating authority meaning she needs to be used within eyesight of land. This however allows Bay Bee to explore up both sides of the Peron Peninsula where some of the most dramatic landscapes, Seagrass beds and sand flats are. This is a perfect little boat for kids to have a great time in as it is incredibly stable while moving and at anchor.

Both Malo and Bay-bee are two stroke motors, once your hire has finished the provided card will be charged for the oil used.

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